The Professional Clinical Supervision Directory™

A Networking Model Like Never Before!

With the evolution of the CSD, counselors and therapists nationwide can engage with one another, promote their practice, and mentor and supervise the next generation of clinical therapists.

Here Are Just Some of the Benefits of The CSD:

  • One-stop-shop for finding Supervision
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Exposure across the CSD Website and Social Media Channels
    • SEO/Tagging (therapist and practice)
    • Supervisor Spotlight feature
    • LIVE chats (IG Live interviews, chats, panel discussions)
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Insights and Advice (Case consultations, session experiences, modalities, and techniques)
  • Reliable, up-to-date State-by-State requirements (supervision, licensure)
  • Connection to State Boards, Industry Associations, Conferences, Podcasts, and more
  • Forum to share ideas, pose questions, announce events, and engage with industry colleagues

How we started this thing.

Our advisory partners are a group of experienced, licensed therapists approved as supervisors in states throughout the US. After years in the field, we realized each state has very different, and often inadequate, (read that as “totally ridiculous”) ways of sharing lists of supervisors with supervision-seekers. We found ourselves listening to lots of stories (and complaints) about this issue in supervision sessions and at conferences, and no one was fixing the problem. This is one of Dr. Parks’ BIGGEST pet peeves (you know, when people complain about something with no solution in sight). 

So we decided to fix it ourselves. We aren’t membership people or marketers or even all that great at this copy-writing thing. But the thing we DO know is that we can help the future of the mental health profession by providing a one-stop shop for finding supervision. 

And here it is.

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Who's the crew at the clinical supervision directory™.

Dr. Amy Parks smiles for her headshot

DR. Amy F Parks, lpc acs

Chief Operations/Founder

"Pioneer of Platforms"

Kelsey Yeager poses with her husband and three daughters

Kelsey Yeager

(the one in the NOT matching dress below)

Clinical Coordinator

"Encourager of Engagement"

Tiffany Saunders poses with her husband and two daughters

Tiffany Saunders

(the one NOT wearing fun hair accessories below)

Operations Manager

"Director of Details"

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