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The CSD is a nation-wise searchable directory of state-approved clinical supervisors for LPC/LPCP/LMFT supervision-seekers – and all of the other alphabets that make up the counseling professional credentials – who have registered their own personalized directory listing. Jump in – professional counselors, social workers, psychologists, play therapists and more!

Thanks for asking! We are a group of super cool (don’t ask our kids, though) experience, licensed therapists and approved supervisors in states throughout the US. After years – lots of years – in the field, we realized that each state has very different, and often inadequate, ways of sharing lists of supervisors with students/interns/residents and no one was fixing the problem. So we decided to – and the CSD was born! Happy Birthday  to us!

Why the sign in? So we can keep you in the know about all things CSD related! Think: upcoming courses, webinars, updates about the directory.


Oh so many benefits we can’t even list them all – Each supervisor will have full control of their own listing, and can update the content, contact information, bio, photo, and availability at any time. Supervisors can be searched under multiple fields including state, specialty, setting and other areas.  Additionally, every counseling, social work and allied health field program in the US will have free access to the directory for their students at graduation through our CACREP partnership. And so much more…

That is the BEST part of the directory, folks! Supervisors – and clinical consultation – can be for anywhere in the country! And supervisors can be approved in multiple states, if they are licensed in multiple states. If you are an approved supervisor in a state, you may list that state on your profile. You will be ask to submit verification information when you register your directory listing. Our Compliance Team will verify your eligibility as a supervisor with your state licensure board and assign you the “CSD Verified” badge.

The CSD provides one main type of listing, the “Supervisor”. Anyone who is approved to be a supervisor in the field of mental health (professional counselor, social worker…you know who you are) can create a listing. 

Each supervisor must provide documentation to the CSD that they are truly in fact approved by his or her state to be a supervisor and in good standing. The listing will go live and will be immediately searchable, and once it has been verified by our Compliance Team then a CSD Verified Supervisor badge will be added to your listing. Welcome to the CSD community!

Since we are celebrating our LEGACY launch year in 2021, we are offering special one-time annual LEGACY pricing that will ONLY be available until 12 midnight December 31, 2021. The LEGACY annual fee will never go up for the lifetime of the membership. 


On January 1, 2022, we will introduce a REGULAR pricing model that will definitely be higher than the LEGACY pricing but we haven’t determined the exact fees – a monthly and an annual plan will be offered.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy – and completely in your control. Log in to your account and update your bio, your photo and any category as often as you would like.

Cool idea, but we do not currently have a group rate. But please reach out to us at  to discuss the possibility further!

Great! Check all the boxes that apply to you and your practice.

Amazing! Check every state you are approved to provide supervision.

Supervision Seekers

Check out “type of supervision provided”, if a supervisor has checked “virtual” he or she is approved to supervise virtually in his or her particular state(s).

TOTALLY! All you have to do is email them. You can even save listings so you have several to compare and reach out to!

No, as a supervision seeker all you have to do is create an account and log in to see all of the amazing supervision providers near you. We want to make this as easy as possible for you. We remember how hard it was trying to find a supervisor! That’s why we made this!

No, it is the responsibility of the individual being supervised to keep track of all supervision hours. Be sure to check out our resources section to find a downloadable Clinical Supervision Log to help keep track of your hours.

All supervisors are required to submit documentation to confirm their status as approved supervisors in their state(s). The CSD will make every effort to confirm the supervisor’s verified status. When they are verified by our Compliance Team, a Verified Supervisor badge will appear on their listing. We do advise all supervision seekers to also confirm with your respective state board before starting your time of supervision with any supervisor.


1 CE: $49

3 CEs: $110

6 CEs: $198

No, the Directory will send each participant a certificate upon completion. It is the responsibility of the individual to keep track of and submit his or her own CEs to the respective board to receive credit for the CEs.

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