How to Qualify

Counselors With Hands-On Experience & Adequate Training Are Eligible to Become Supervisors

This credential allows therapists to expand their horizons and offer their services to a whole new level. Aside from treating patients or conducting a private practice, supervisors can teach, guide, problem-solve, and mentor aspiring residents, grad students, and soon-to-be mental health professionals.

Supervisors can simply sign up on the CSD, customize a profile, and start syncing up with individuals seeking supervision. Take the next steps to show up in search, list your qualifications, and promote your services to those who need you now!

The Directory is a Resource for Both Sides of Supervision

It validates capable and qualified supervisors and allows supervision seekers to connect, collaborate, and comply with the guidelines to achieve licensure in your state and specialization.

Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and lifestyle guru Tim Ferriss wrote “A Tribe of Mentors,” a life-changing resource geared to help face challenges, embrace opportunities, and be a positive influence for yourself and others. The CSD is exactly that for clinicians – a platform that is all about community, advice, and leadership skills designed to optimize the future of mental health treatment and therapy.