Why Use The CSD?

Are you looking to connect with the perfect supervisor?

We’re here to help you find your match! Our goal is to connect clinical supervisors with supervision-seekers and provide ongoing support to the mental health field with education in supervision and ethics.

We know it’s hard to find:

  • An approved supervisor
  • In your state
  • With the unique skills and background you need
  • That has current openings
  • That can support residents in the licensure phase

You can even find a virtual supervisor on the directory!

All supervisors are required to submit documentation to confirm their status* as approved supervisors in their state(s). The CSD will make every effort to confirm the supervisor’s verified status. When they are verified by our Compliance Team, a Verified Supervisor badge will appear on their listing.

That’s why we created The CSD! It’s completely free for you to use.

*We do advise all supervision seekers to also confirm with your respective state board before starting your time of supervision with any supervisor.