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The Professional Clinical Supervision Directory™

Find what you need.

All in one place.

We connect clinical supervisors with supervision-seekers and provide ongoing support to the mental health field with education in supervision and ethics.

it should be simple

Every counselor and social worker entering the field must have hundreds of hours of supervision.

but actually finding

…an approved supervisor

… in your state

… with the unique skills you need

…and background

…and setting

…with openings

 …who can support residents in the licensure phase

…with accurate contact information

is nearly impossible!

(unless you live in alaska! They've done it right!)

If you're a


You have time, you have the experience and you want to supervise and you need ONE place where supervision-seekers can find you that is easy, accurate and professional.

If you're a


You’re ready to start supervision but it’s faster and easier to find a plumber than a supervisor and you need ONE place to find supervision that is nearby, available and unique to your needs

The Clinical Supervision Directory™ is a landing and launching pad for both supervisors and supervision-seekers in the fields of counseling, social work and our many allied health fields, like play therapy, EMDR and more.

It provides a way for supervisors and supervision-seekers to connect quickly and easily (FINALLY). It is also the place for all clinicians to get ongoing required education in ethics and supervision.

Find what you need. All in one place.

The Clinical Supervision Directory™ will help you to:


PROMOTE  yourself as an approved clinical supervisor (in any/all states you are eligible)


Give each supervisor FULL CONTROL OF THEIR OWN LISTING as well as the ability to update the content at any time


CONNECT with supervision-seekers and other supervisor colleagues


Provide a DATABASE where supervisors can be searched under multiple fields including STATE, SPECIALTY, and SETTING


CONNECT to every CACREP Accredited program graduate
in the US with our partnership program


ACCESS Continuing Education
(CEs) in Ethics & Supervision

Are you a


looking for an easy way to be found?


Are you a


looking for the perfect supervisor?

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