Benefits of the CSD


There are so many benefits we can’t even list them all! Here are some of the main ones:

  • Be found by supervision seekers looking for your expertise and skill set.
  • You will have full control of your own listing, and can update the content, contact information, bio, photo, and availability at any time.
  • Your profile can be searched under multiple fields including state, specialty, setting and other areas.
  • Every counseling, social work and allied health field program in the US will have free access to the directory for their students at graduation through our CACREP partnership.
  • And so much more…


That is the BEST part of the directory, folks! Supervisors – and clinical consultation – can be for anywhere in the country! And supervisors can be approved in multiple states, if they are licensed in multiple states.

If you are an approved supervisor in a state, you may list that state on your profile. You will be ask to submit verification information when you register your directory listing. Our Compliance Team will verify your eligibility as a supervisor with your state licensure board and assign you the “CSD Verified” badge.


The CSD provides one main type of listing, the “Supervisor”. Anyone who is approved to be a supervisor in the field of mental health (professional counselor, social worker…you know who you are) can create a listing.

Each supervisor must provide documentation to the CSD that they are truly in fact approved by his or her state to be a supervisor and in good standing. The listing will go live and will be immediately searchable, and once it has been verified by our Compliance Team then a CSD Verified Supervisor badge will be added to your listing.

Ready to get started?