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Supervisor Licensure Verification

Verification of Licensure

The CSD holds the right to verify the license of each supervisor listed in the directory at will. While this is not required, we believe that it is best practice to help ensure that all listed supervisors are, in fact, supervisors in good standing with their state board. Although checked regularly, we understand that situations may arise between checks. The CSD may not be held liable for changes in supervision or licensure status of any listed supervisor.

The information within the directory will aid you in making an informed decision about a supervisor. However, should you have additional questions, you may contact your state board. Links to each state board can be found here. In addition, the CSD recommends that if you have any questions regarding the information posted on a supervisor’s profile you discuss that information with the supervisor.

The CSD acknowledges that the profiles and beliefs of the listed supervisors in no way represents or implies endorsement by the CSD of any particular method used by the supervisor; nor does this Agreement constitute a guarantee by the CSD of the success of the relationship between supervisor and supervision seeker in providing an environment to connect the two parties.



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