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CSD Insider Newsletter: September stands for Summer’s End, Symposiums, and Super Advancements in Supervision

September 21, 2023 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

Today’s CSD Spotlight takes us to New York where Adam Lukeman encourages his patients to trust the process and feel comfortable in their own skin, yet not be afraid to open up. Based in Brooklyn but offering telehealth across the Empire State, he helps heal anxiety, abuse, grief, and sleep disorders in the city that never sleeps.

An LCSW, credentialed Field Instructor, and must-read blogger, Adam has extensive educational degrees and a well-versed background in Internal Family Systems, Hospital Psychiatric Units, and outpatient psychiatric medical centers. He has spent over 15 years applying effective techniques and gaining specialized training to build a successful supervision program.

Adam specializes in cognitive and psychodynamic group therapy where he explores the unconscious factors that affect one’s mood, behavior, and functioning. He helps interpret and explain inner conflicts and turn them around to improve relationships, tame trauma, and adjust old habits.

In therapy, he advocates embracing ourselves and our past and says, “By honoring our inner child, we invite playfulness, spontaneity, and creativity back into our lives…By understanding patterns of behavior or emotional triggers…we can cultivate healthier relationships based on empathy, compassion, and authenticity.”

If you’re an accepting supervisor like Adam, we’d love you to look into joining the CSD. We’re revolutionizing the way our industry finds supervision, speeds up the licensure process, and collaborates as a community!

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