Supporting Your Supervisees and Yourself with Self-Care Micro-Strategies (on demand)


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Supporting Your Supervisees and Yourself with Self-Care Micro-Strategies (on demand)

In this fun workshop, supervisors will implement ways to help supervisees build self-care micro-strategies into their busy days, so that they aren’t hanging on by a thread waiting for their next vacation or day off. These micro-strategies take from 0-2 minutes, and are meant to be used throughout the day so that self-care is always front-of-mind. We will discuss personal and systemic obstacles and identify micro-strategies for emotional, mental and physical self-care.

Purpose: To help clinical supervisors build a toolbox of self-care micro-strategies that they can use themselves and teach their supervisees to reduce the risk of burnout.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will: 

  1. Discuss the critical and primary nature of self-care
  2. Identify personal and systemic obstacles that get in the way of self-care
  3. Develop emotional, mental and physical self-care micro-strategies
  4. Formulate a personal self-care plan

About the Trainer:

Michelle Risser. LISW-S works in private practice in the Columbus, Ohio area and is a certified EMDR Therapist. Her clinical focus areas are maternal mental health, birth trauma, and EMDR. Michelle has a passion for supporting other clinicians through chronic stress and burnout prevention. She is a writer, speaker and educator on topics related to mental health, chronic stress, burnout and self-care.

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